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It’s true that we are what we eat (actually, what we absorb but we’ll get into that later). It is my goal to empower you to find a sustainable holistic lifestyle that leads you to optimal health and happiness. YOLO and it should be to the fullest!  

and it’s the foundation of health

Real food is medicine

There is never a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to health and wellness. You are a wonderfully unique bio-individual and what’s optimal for you isn’t necessarily optimal for someone else. This is where Nutritional Therapy comes into play!

As an NTP, I believe in and understand the body's innate ability to heal. My foundational approach to holistic nutrition and health focuses on finding and maintaining whole body balance. Without proper balance among the body’s six foundations of health, it’s nearly impossible to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness. Every symptom has a root cause and through Nutritional Therapy, we’ll dive deep and identify underlying issues. Nutritional Therapy is a food-first approach to true healing from the inside out. Are you ready to work from the ground up and finally achieve long lasting results? Let’s do it!

The Nutritional Therapy Approach

Through my own health struggles with hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances, digestive dysfunction, painful periods and anxiety, I understand how crippling symptoms can become. It can feel helpless and as if it’s your new normal. While many of these symptoms are common, they are most definitely not normal and no one should have to live with chronic discomfort. 

been there. done that.

After three years of chronic, and often debilitating, symptoms and “normal” lab levels, I transitioned from Western to Functional Medicine. I was immediately diagnosed with severe hypothyroidism and prescribed multiple medications. Although the medication helped, I knew they weren’t a cure; they were simply suppressing my symptoms. It wasn’t until I leaned into the belief that food is medicine that I started to experience and understand true healing. I slowly changed my nutritional mindset and habits. I stopped eating less and exercising more. For the first time, I was nourishing my body in a way that felt good and was sustainable. It wasn’t a quick fix but eighteen months later, I was symptom free and my hypothyroidism was in remission. This was my “ah-ha” moment! I couldn’t wait to share all I had learned through my personal experience and course work with the Nutritional Therapy Association with others.

change is possible.

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little things that bring me joy:

  • Friday night movie and couch snuggles with my littles
  • Leisurely perusing the aisles of Whole Foods with no distractions
  • Daily walks (even better with a friend)
  • My best friend's baking
  • Celebrating birthdays
  • Homegrown veggies from my husband's garden
  • Hosting family and friends for a home cooked meal
  • The smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree 
  • Sunday mornings at the farmers market 

physiology and culinary wellness


quality and nutrient composition of food


bio-individuality and anatomy


My approach to healing

It is my goal to educate and empower my clients to take their health into their own hands.